Green Slime (Now, it's slime time!)

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General InformationEdit

Green slime is a gellatinous life form that resides in various spots in the universe, usually where there is a lot of dirt and ickyness. Most green slime is extremely acidic and can melt through metal, plastic and skin in a matter of second. It is generally considered wise to avoid green slime if the proper equipment is not available for disposing of it.

Game InvolvementEdit

During Space Quest 4, Roger Wilco encountered one of these creatures in time sector Space Quest 12, in the sewers under Xenon. While it was dangerous to Roger's health, he managed to capture it in a Glass Jar, thereby saving himself and at the same time, providing himself a useful acid for use later in his quest to defeat the Vohaul virus.

ComPost Database Entry Edit

Half animal, half vegetable, and half lousy mathematician, the Green Slime of Xenon is a vague by-product of industrial waste and organic compounds combined with a powerful electric charge.

The resulting lifeform is a slow-moving mass of gelatinous, acidic protoplasm with simple reflexes and a voracious appetite. This makes it ideally suited to dissolving locks and appearing in bad horror movies.

Green Slime will eat anything in its path, dissolving it quickly but not painlessly (it reportedly feels like blasting an exposed tooth nerve with hot salty iodine using a waterpik).

Bizarrely, it has no such effect on glass, making it ultra-convenient to carry around bits of Green Slime in an ordinary jar, and indeed it was marketed this way under the name "Face-B-Gon." Hork City!