Humans (Homo Sapiens) are the inhabitants of Terra III (Earth), Xenon[1], and Estros[2].

Background Edit

In the distant future humans from earth colonized Xenon.[3] Infact many humanoids in the galaxy evolved from humans from earth.[4]

Most species regard humans as rather dull, but also see the whole Milky Way as backwater and a "cesspool". In recent times Earth has actually become a giant landfill.

Humans from Earth are known as Earthlings[5] and those from Estros are known as Latex Babes, and to some those from Xenon are known as Xenonites and sometimes Xenonian[6].

One of the Two Guys from Andromeda admitted to being human in the Galactic Inquirer. The other has since appeared to be human as well.

Known humansEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

Roger Wilco is said to be a human throughout the space quest series, and states himself that he is human in SQ6. Humans are mentioned or appear throughout the series as well.[7]

The Latex Babes species is not given in the SQ4, however they are confirmed to be humans in the The Space Quest Companion. SQ6 suggests they are a unique alien race of 'humanoids' for whatever reason.

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