Janitor Code Key (compiled by Corey Welton). Here's your chance to show what you like and know about the wildly successful Space Quest series. Similar to the Geek Code, all the same non-character symbols apply in the same way.

  • @ - varying trait i.e., B--@
  • () - crossover range. i.e., 1+(+++)
  • > - wannabe. i.e., FAQ++>+++
  • $ - getting paid for it! i.e., HW$ (how!?)
  •  ? - unsure about said topic. i.e., B?
  •  ! - irrelevant/refusal to answer.

Please refer to the Geek Code for a more complete explanation.

The letters and numbers are different, however. Here's how they work:

Part I: Personal Edit

J: Occupation Type Edit

Similar to Geek Code occupation type. Refer to Geek Code for possibilities.

a: Age Edit

a+++ 60 and up
a++ 50-59
a+ 40-49
a 30-39
a- 25-29
a-- 20-24
a--- 15-19
a---- 10-14
a----- 9 and under (Space Cadet in training)
a? immortal!
!a does it matter? Anyone can play SQ!

Exact age is allowable (ie., a23)

Sex Edit

xy male
xx female
!x undisclosed

Part II: Game Interests Edit

1-6: Game Interest: Repeat for each episode Edit

1++++ It is the most amazing creation since the Monolith Burger. I play it everyday. Three times. I have the likeness of this incarnation of Roger on my forehead.
1+++ I like this episode a lot. Probably too much to be considered healthy. I still play it fairly often, looking for new hidden bits of humour.
1++ I like this episode. I'll load it up occasionally, even if it means re-configuring my system to get it to load.
1+ It's a fun episode; I like it, if only for sentimental reasons. I don't really play it anymore, though.
1 Overall, this was a pretty average game.
1- The only reason I played this one was because it had "Space Quest" written on the box.
1-- Why didn't the Sequel Police get their hands on this thing?!
1--- What the heck were the Two Guys From Andromeda thinking?!!
1---- mv sq* /dev/null/
1? which episode was this?

Part III: Skills/KnowledgeEdit

v: Victories (Games Completed) Edit

v+++ I have completed them all. I have taken my share of aliens, temptresses, crash-landings, and exploding toilets. I have emerged victorious.
v++ I have finished five out of six of Roger's adventures. I am an accomplished Space Quester.
v+ I have finished four Space Quest games (not counting the multiple sequels in SQ4).
v I have completed three Space Quests - pretty average!
v- I have only beaten two out of six. I could use a little more time in the simulator.
v-- I have only finished one of Roger's games. Oh, well...
v--- I have yet to finish a Space Quest game. I am one pitiful gamer.
v* I am Scott Murphy/Mark Crowe/Josh Mandel.
v? How do you load these games?

HW: Interest in Hints/Walkthroughs Edit

HW++++ They are an integral part of my SQ playing.
HW+++ I used to read up on hints, but I pretty much have them all memorized now.
HW++ I still read up on hints when I can't remember how to do something.
HW+ I've used hints/walkthroughs, but only because they were there...
HW I'm indifferent.
HW- I think hints take away from the fun of the game.
HW-- I think hint pages are a nuisance to the game
HW--- I'm pretty much completely against hints and walkthroughs
HW? I need a clue.

FAQ: SQ Knowledge Edit

FAQ++++ I am Troels Pleimert.
FAQ+++ I know just about every freakin' thing there is to know about the Space Quest series. I've helped create the FAQ. I'm currently working on creating the SQ Trival Pursuit edition.
FAQ++ I know a great deal about the game. I could probably answer any question you have.
FAQ+ I know a lot, but I'm no expert.
FAQ I'm your average Joe.
FAQ- You probably don't want to ask me any SQ trivia.
FAQ-- Please don't ask me any SQ questions. It'll only embarrass me.
FAQ--- C'mon, I just play the game, I don't write it!
FAQ---- I only play Leisure Suit Larry.
FAQ? Help, Help! I have a question!

Part IV: Game Aspects Edit

T: Text Parser Edit

T++++ The Text Parser ROCKS! My fingers are indeed bloody stumps.
T+++ The Text Parser should have never been trifled with.
T++ I like the Text Parser and will probably stay that way.
T+ I like the Text Parser, but don't mind that it was pre-empted.
T I like both equally well, I'm indifferent.
T- The icon interface is easier to use - stick with it.
T-- Give me a mouse any day.
T--- I threw a party when the day came that the graphical toolbar came into existence.
T---- Get a life, DOSheads. Step into the 21st Century. Like my grandmother always said, why milk the cow....
!T I play subliminally.
T? What is a text parser?

A: Interest in Astro Chicken Edit

A++++ I have an unhealthy interest in Astro Chicken. I insist that the chicken filet sandwiches in the school cafeteria are Astro Chicken sandwiches.
A+++ I love Astro Chicken - he's definitely the best arcade sequence in the entire series.
A++ I still fire up SQ3 occasionally for a round of Astro Chicken.
A+ Astro Chicken was kinda cool, I guess.
A I'm indifferent.
A- Bah, he's no big cluck.
A-- Astro Chicken is just plain fowl.
A--- The Space Quest series would be better without Astro Chicken.
A---- I hate everything about Astro Chicken, Ms. Astro Chicken, and chicken in general.

B: Interest in Beatrice Wankmeister Edit

B++++ Sierra has their guards on full-alert, watching for my presence.
B+++ Bea is a hottie!
B++ Bea is awesome. I'm jealous of Roger in a big way.
B+ Bea is an integral part to the SQ games.
B Bea is just "another character" in the series.
B- Bea is a minor character in the scheme of things.
B-- Who cares about Bea, for Scottsake!
B--- Anyone B+ or higher is just a perv.
B---- She's on my dartboard. Bullseye.

S: Interest in Sludge Vohaul Edit

S++++ I worship the ground this man drools on.
S+++ C'mon, I think he was given a bad rap! Let's see a game from his perspective! I'm all for revisionist history!
S++ For a bad guy, he's pretty rad.
S+ An integral part of the series.
S I'm indifferent. Pass the chips.
S- Sludge could use a little more development.
S-- I much prefer the Sariens, or Sharpei, or Captain Quirk...
S--- Why was he even introduced into the series in the first place?
S---- I stopped playing Space Quest when Sludge showed up in SQ2!

When you get done, your code should look something like this:

Version .90a
JCS a23 !x 1 2++ 3- 4++++ 5 6++ v+++>++++ HW++ FAQ T++ A- B+ S++

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