Captain Jim Kirk is the captain of the Enterprise NCC-1701.


Originally from Earth, he is famous for his patented judo kick. As a captain he is cool, calm, collected, and diplomatic, as a starship captain should be.[1] Whenever in danger Captain Kirk would often call for battle stations, warning that it wasn't a drill. He would order his men to fire photon torpedoes, and to fire when ready. Once he had defeated his target, he would order his crew leave the area, often at 'warp factor 3', once clear he would cancel the red alert, and secure to general quarters.[2]

Roger Wilco often tried to emulate his hero Captain Kirk, following what his captain would do in different situations. After becoming a captain himself, Roger Wilco thought in his own aberrant mind, that he is the next-best thing to Captain Kirk.

In a later time, Captain Picard became the captain of Enterprise 1701-D.

Kirk originated the post-scuffle, shredded-shirt, torn-pants look.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Captain's Log: Funny, I thought this was the last frontier, but it seems like there's a fast food joint around the corner from every star cluster.[citation needed]


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