The Jupiter II (aka Jupiter 2) was a ship piloted by the Robinson family.


They had journeyed into space from the planet Earth to settle a distant planet. They became isolated and in the coldest reaches of the Alpha Centauri system for years before they finally managed to get back on course for home. On the way back their ship apparently became derelict, floating in space for a very long time. They were captured by the Gar'Bage.[1], Roger Wilco encountered the ship inside there great garbage freighter. Some time later the Robinson's escaped the freighter make there course towards home.

They were on the last leg of their journey when they noticed their food stores had been jettisoned. The crew suspected that the most likely culprit was the ship's doctor Zachary Smith. Since he had attempted to sabotage the ship on multiple occasions, making deals with evil aliens, and other terrible deeds. The crew was starving so they ate him.

The crew finally returned home and told of their sordid story of isolation and cannibalism.


Behind the scenesEdit

The ship from the tv series Lost in Space.

Roger Wilco wondered if he was stepping on the bones of the Robinson family while in the darkened room within the garbage freighter, later he thinks he might be walking specifically on Will Robinson's bones.

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