Kerona is a class M planet, approximately one 2 hours and 34 minutes away from Sector FC (in an escape pod) near or within an Unexplored region near or within the Milky Way (TAORW) or Earnon galaxies, and lies some 187,637 parsecs from Xenon. It is a greenish yellow-orange planet, with a green/yellow sky, and mainly

The planet has a lake filled with 620 degree yellow goo, beyond the lake is the Wasteland, and the skies bombarded by Ion Fields.[1]The Wasteland is a an area made of rocky cliffs, spires of stone. The planet's balmy breezes and its scenic wonders make the planet a tourist destination to the chagrin of locals.

At night the temperature drops to a 49.78 degrees Farenheit, turning cold.

Near the northern edge of the Wasteland, lies Ulence Flats one of the planets only civilized areas. Most of the city lies within a protective and rocky canyon that keeps it safe from the Grell. The northern edge of the city however lies beyond the canyon into the desert dunes and is protected by an energy barrier, and acts as the city's main space port.

Zarbot Mountain is a mountain where the spring water is collected to make Kerona Extra.

Beyond the planet lies an asteroid field, a field of mass 0.0002 objects 260,000,000 miles from the Keronian sun with a sidereal period evolution measuring 4.69 years, no atmosphere and a brightest apparent magnitude of +6 and less.

Behind the scenesEdit

There is no evidence of the goo lake in either version of SQ1 game, but it could be the location of the Orat Bay.

The Kerona of the The Adventures of Roger Wilco: The Sarien Encounter comics is a combination of the yellow original planet Kerona (original version) (aka Ulence), with material from from remake game (Kerona) the later alternate time sector. The comic introduces even more places on the planet, although these areas or the events that take place in them are not not necessarily consistent with either game. Nor consistent with the version of events as told in the The Adventures of Roger Wilco in Space Piston: Vohaul's Revenge comic (though the former is likely largely inspired by the latter).

The Wasteland for example is largely inspired by the Desert Cliffs of the original SQ1 EGA. While very little of Kerona is seen in the Space Piston comic, it too appears to be based on the Desert Cliffs though images are limited to the Orat Cave, although the environment is shown to be made up of red rock (rather than the brown rock and green mossy interior of the original cave).


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