A young keronian

The native sentient beings of Kerona, commonly referred to as Keronians, are highly xenophobic, and have good technical abilities. They are terrified of Orat. One record shows that Roger Wilco was able to establish a rapport with them when he demonstrated he had eliminated the nearby Orat.


At first the Keronians appear to have originated in the nightmares of Dr. Seuss, but in fact they are a gentle and studious people, keeping largely to themselves in the smattering of small towns and outposts on the planet Kerona. Legends tell of a vast Keronian civilization beneath the planet's surface, but no outsider has ever reported seeing it. Keronians are extremely suspicious of strangers in general, but there are stories of them rendering aid to lost travelers.[1]

The only other thing they are noted for is their Keronian Ale which are apparently distilled in their underground cities. Although there may be competitors.

Keronians are a very long lived race, and live for several centuries.

Contrary to popular scientific understanding of the species, there are indeed females of the species, and there are indeed young keronians as well. Tunuctipin's great aunt owned the skimmer that he gave to Roger Wilco. The young keronian engineer's son found a Xenon Army Knife in a box of Hackersnax.

Keronians have some bird-like qualities; they are feathered, have bird-brains, and taste like chicken. Their language is described has sounding like a series of squaks. Tunuctipin is the grand leader of the Keronians.[2] Both Orat and Grell appear to be examples of words and names in their language, as is the name Tunuctipin (the name of their grand leader)'.

Due to the influence of Roger Wilco's time travel, and potentially that of interference by Sludge Vohaul there are two different species of Keronian, the version with hair and feathers, and a more scaly reptilian Keronian (original version).

In another parallel universe there is the Keronian (TAORW), similar to the 'original version' but are not as secretive or xenophobic, found commonly in leadership roles throughout the galaxy, and related to Sariens, one such is even a member of the Elders of Xenon in that universe.

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The sentient civilization of Kerona consists of the Keronians, a secretive and shy race of scholarly old men. They devote their lives to the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge.

Conversations with Keronians are liable to be dry, peppered with obscure and dull references to places and people you've never heard of, and full of self-congratulatory rhetoric.

Most members of MENSA are Keronians.

Most Keronians are vegans and prefer the local flora (Replicator #2580969). However, some Keronians eat their own young, just so they can knowingly say, "Oh, yes, I've done that. We taste like chicken."


The references to bird-like features appears to be based on concept art for the race which shows his clothes/chest covering to appear to be made of feathers or down.[1][2]


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