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Keronian Killer Mammal

The Keronian Killer Mammal has an undeservedly fierce reputation due primarily to its name or, rather, to what its name has become over the course of generations of sloppy pronunciation.

Originally known as the "Lonely and Bewildered Sandbill," the Keronian Killer Mammal is a gentle, slow-moving herbivorous insect that would rather squash itself flat than come into contact with any other lifeform.

These tiny introverted creatures are native to the planet Omega Bighdeel, the only planet with the distinction of having its entire civilization flunk phonics.

This lack of linguistic ability is said to account for the distortion of the sandbill's name, although another theory has been put forth that the "killer mammal" appellation is merely due to centuries of sarcasm.

The Keronian Killer Mammal eats dust mites (Replicator #6838687). Lots and lots of them.

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