A Keronian Tenticular Slimesucker

A native of Kerona, this creature lives in the Keronian underground caves. The Keronians are wary of this creature, and therefore they have made sure that any areas where they may reach the surface are covered by a grate... which also acts as a useful booby trap for potential intruders.

ComPost Database Entry Edit

Keronian Tenticular Slimesucker

The Kerona Tenticular Slimesucker, which lives deep in the subterranean caverns of Kerona, has never been seen by anybody who's lived to provide a complete description.

All that has ever been seen are their slimy tentacles, which are tentacle-like and slimy, resembling tentacle-like slimy tentacles. Anything finding its way into these tentacles is first slimed, then devoured.

This is an appropriate moment to note that "tentacles" comes from the root "ten tickles," since the Andromedan Decapuss, with its ten serpentine flexible appendages, tickled its foes to death.

That's just another fun fact to know and tell!

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