Kerona Underground City

The Keronian Underground is the home of the Keronians underground cities.[1]


It is underground, and only accessible via secret caverns. To the unwary, these caverns are very dangerous, guarded by a Keronian Tenticular Slimesucker, a secret door, a laser and acid drips. Even once past all of these hazards, entrance is only permitted with the permission of the Keronians.

Once actually into the city, the Keronians appear to be at an interesting stage of technological development. Their power seems to be supplied by a primitive steam generator, yet they have computer systems compatible with those found on the Arcada.

Roger Wilco visited here seeking help, and after performing a small task for them, the Keronians provided Roger with a sand skimmer to escape to Ulence Flats.


The caverns leading to the city (VGA Version)

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