Kielbasa is the feline captain of the SCS DeepShip 86 possibly of the Kzitten race which is either a reference to the Caitian race in Star Trek or the cat-like Kzinti of Star Trek and Larry Niven’s Known Space universe.


He is stern and aloof, yet somehow he enjoys socializing with the crew (he even associates with the janitor Roger Wilco), and he is a fine diplomat.

According to the Space Quest 6 demo, he enjoys playing with a toy mouse.

His commander's chair doubles as a scratching post, and features a European Super Nintendo controller (with which apparently More Dull Kombat can be played).

Behind the scenesEdit

Kielbasa is also the name of a spicy smoked Polish sausage. His name and apperance is also similar to a felinoid race, the Kilrathi, from the Wing Commander series of games, or the Kzinti of Star Trek/Known Space

Kielbasa (unofficial)Edit

He has officially only appeared in Space Quest 6, but every now and then, he also makes an appearance in the WSSQUID comics.