The only known image of a Labion Cave Beaver. Due to their dark loving nature, it doesn't show anything.

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General Information Edit

The Labion Cave Beaver is an extremely dangerous animal known to live in the caves of Labion. While it is called a beaver, its true relationship to actual beavers is unknown. What is known is that the Labion Cave Beaver is extremely territorial. It has been known to devour any and all who enter its caves without a lamp or other light source. As it spends most of its time in the dark outer perimeter of Labion's caves, it avoids light in all forms. As such, light is the best protection against it.

Game Involvement Edit

It is said that Roger Wilco encountered one of these creatures while exploring a cave on Labion during Space Quest 2. Since Roger survived Labion, it is doubtful that he did indeed meet such a creature. Had he, it is undoubtedly certain that he'd have been eaten on the spot.

ComPost Database Entry Edit

Killer Cave Beaver

This beaver's eyesight is among the worst in the galaxy, matched only by the Giant Cataract Bear of Pestulon and the Blind Plummeting mountain Goat of Andromeda.

Although the Cave Beaver is herbivorous, it frequently accidentally kills other creatures because, up close, they all look like tree trunks.

It's only after the beaver has chewed its way through the nearest "Sturdy Limb" that it discovers the limb is some creature's arm or leg. Thus the dams made by the Killer Cave Beaver are quite disgusting.

The Killer Cave Beaver's favorite food is Clinging Girlfriend Ivy (Replicator #6588561).