King's Quest XLIII (aka King's Quest 43) is a copy of a future King's Quest game found on the Super Computer on Xenon in the Space Quest XII era.


The software probably represents some tertiary function of the Supercomputer Brain. Certainly nothing important.

In the Super Computer, is  a copy of King's Quest 43. Interestingly, the game can be deleted from Vohaul computer. When deleted, it will significantly free up space (although far more data than 12 gigabytes).

When you delete the game you learn the entire game is actually roughly 841,912,226 Gigabytes (or rather 842 Petabytes). Much larger than any present game.

The computer had only listed Memory Free: 2,451 KBytes, until KQ43 was deleted, then it listed the system has having Memory Free: 841,912,226 GBytes.

Behind the scenesEdit

The files list the icon as "KQ43Icon" in 544 script file.

The size of the game is about 8.4 yottabytes, far beyond even today's biggest games.

Like King's Quest XXXXVIII - Quest for Disk Space, this is a parody of the ever-increasing size of the King's Quest games in terms of required storage.