Kiz urazgubi

One of the breathtaking waterfalls on Kiz Urazgubi

Kiz Urazgubi (aka KU for short) is the seventh planet in the Kiz Urazgubi system.[1] It is a mountainous M class planet, with waterfalls and trees. It planet where the galactically famous Eponymous Mountain Range is located.

Roger Wilco was forced to beam to the surface of the planet in Space Quest 5 by WD40 from the Gippazoid Novelty Company. Following a ferocious battle involving the cunning use of a banana, Roger managed to defeat her on these grounds.

Behind the scenesEdit


The name "Kiz Urazgubi" is a pun on the phrase "Kiss your ass good bye!" (as a reference to Roger's low chance of surviving the battle).

When calling the Sierra hint line, the planet is pronounced kiz-yu-raz-gooby.

Plot InconsistencyEdit

You can't go to the SpaceBar until you have collected garbage from Gangularis, Peeyu and Kiz Urazgubi but at the latter, WD40 attacks before you have time to operate the RRS. After you defeat her, there isn't any garbage to pick up. The game assumes your mission is complete and allows you to go to the SpaceBar but you haven't picked up the last load of trash.

It is possible that Droole completed the mission while Roger was occupied on the planet. Though considering that Kiz Urazgubi seemed to be uninhabited, it is possible that the trash beacon was simply a ruse set up by WD40 to lure the SCS Eureka, and her captain, into a trap.


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