Klorox II is a colonial planet visited by Roger Wilco in his stint on the SCS Eureka. It was a small colony world on the fringe of the G6 quadrant. It is the homeplanet of the Klorox II Beanblatter.

Planetary statisticsEdit

Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide
Average temperature
27 C

The planet can support oxygen-breathing life forms.


Klorox II is the second planet of the Klorox system, orbited its three moons, Larry, Moe and Curly, which were so named by the first colonists of Klorox because of their affection for the Earth comedy of The Three Stooges. Klorox II not only has a breathable atmosphere and average surface temperature of 27 degrees celsius, but also contains rare minerals in its soil, and is therefore ideal for colonization.

After the visit of the starship SCS Goliath sometime before stardate 3012.68, and through the exploits of the Pukoid affair, strange things happened. At first a survey team disappeared, and strange creatures appeared. A search party was dispatched to find them but their fate was the same. Eventually those creatures (presumably the mutated colonists) attacked the base and captured the shuttle pad. Administrator Harry Kerry sealed the undamaged structures. The creatures broke into the shuttle and took off, while Kerry was left behind and mutated.

Contact with the colony has been lost, and it is assumed abandoned. After finishing their first mission, the crew of SCS Eureka investigated the planet. There Roger Wilco found out a can of Primordial Soup from Genetix.


Klorox II

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Clorox 2 is a type of bleach.
  • The coordinates, 90210, are also the zip code for Beverly Hills, California. There was also a TV show called Beverly Hills, 90210