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Underwater caves

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Predatorial underwater creature found in the darkness of the caves of Labion.

Behind the scenesEdit

This is known simply as the 'Cave Squid' in SQ2.

ComPost Database Entry Edit

Labion Cave Squid

The Labion Cave Squid is a fishlike mammal which has not yet realized that it's a land-dweller. Thus it still tends to squirt ink, which just lies ineffectively in a puddle on the ground and gets on the bottoms of your boots.

It also uses typical squidlike flexing motions to propel itself, a very inefficient mode of transportation when moving through rocky tunnels.

So the Labion Cave Squid gets a lot of nasty cuts and scrapes as it tries to frog-kick its way across rough stone floor. This makes it more cranky than ever.

The Cave Squid is also frightened by both humanoids and light, since it thinks it's still in the murky depths of the deep Labion swamps. Don't confuse it by approaching it.

It will happily crush you rather than be forced to question its reality.

It will also eat you if given the opportunity.