Gender: Asexual
Species: Plant?
Profession and/or purpose:

Devouring unsuspecting castaways

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Backstory Edit

The Labion Root Monster is an abominable creature, perhaps of plant nature, which spreads its tentacle-like appendages throughout an area in order to detect movement. Once an unwitting victim passes over its "roots", the creature traps it, then engorges it.

It is known to grow on Labion, where the thick forests block passage and generally help the creature in its task.

Game Involvement Edit

After crash landing on his way to Vohaul's Mines on Labion, Roger Wilco encountered this creature in the vast Labion Forest. He was forced to tread very carefully while attempting to pass it in order to obtain some berries. Doubtless the creature imagined what it would have been like if Roger hadn't been so careful. An alternate theory suggests that Roger placed Unstable ordnance into the carcass of a bunny like creature and blew the creature to pieces.

ComPost Database Entry Edit

Labion Root Monster

A direct descendant of the Veinous Buggerfly, the Labion Root Monster is a carnivorous plant with roots both above and belowground.

The underground roots absorb water & nutrients normally, but the soil of Labion is Nitrogen-poor, so the aboveground roots collect Nitrogen by capturing & digesting small stupid animals or larger, stupider ones.

When disturbed, the roots wrap around the luckless creature and convey it to the central sac, wherein lie the digestive juices and spikelike cilia that reduce the creature to a pulplike consistency.

At this point, the Root Monster exudes Nitrogen like a Klorox II Beanblatter at the Gilroy IX Garlic Festival.

The Labion Root Monster is best observed at a distance, or in the highly-acclaimed vidcart series "The Trials of Grotesque Alien Behaviour" by highly-acclaimed naturalist Dr. David Ateandburrowed.