Larry Laffer is a Leisure Suit wearing lounge lizard.


Larry spends his time prowling a locale known as the The Land of Lounge Lizards, badgering women of the area to participate in bizarre mating rituals.

He is also the star of the banned version of Leisure Suit Larry vs. The Women of Mars.

While knocked out on Labion, Roger dreamed that Larry was an alter ego in a parallel world, in which he went around chasing after women.

Roger Wilco would later encounter Larry Laffer during his time trapped in card game dimension, forced to play cards.

The Vohaul virus was on a copy of Leisure Suit Larry 4.

Dacron Danny is apparently one of his future descendants.

Graham once met him during his time stuck in the copy of Hoyle I (again in Hoyle 3, and Hoyle 4).

In an parallel universe, Roger Wilco appears to have met Larry in Ulence Flats.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

In Cd-rom version of SQ4 there is a line if Roger attempts to lick the Xenon Dome in which he'll it says no one can reach that building from here with their tongue unless they are in a Leisure Suit Larry game. (In the floppy version it said unless they were a member of KISS).

Amusingly Roger in his own universe, has a tendency to chase after women... or have women chase after him as the case maybe.

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