The information from this article is from the fan game TLC and is therefore not canon.

The Laterfusion Bomb was a revolutionary piece of weaponry that was being tested by an alien race during the time between what we know as Space Quest 2 and Space Quest 3. The bomb was designed not only to explode, but to spread radiation throughout the surrounding area across time and space, thus mercilessly destroying enemies. The bomb was frequently tested in space. The bomb was effectively disabled by Roger Wilco while he was on the alien vessel Vercotron. He disabled the bomb by throwing a wrench into the open hatch and then pouring a volatile drink known as a 'Fiery Frost' into the circutry. It is unknown whether the aliens who invented the Latterfusion Bomb were able to repair the bomb or build a new prototype.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Laterfusion Bomb and time travel are major aspects of the story of The Lost Chapter. The name Laterfusion appears to be a combination of later and fusion, which suggests that the bomb must fuse past and future. Because of its influence on time, its creators are very careful when testing the weapon so as to try to avoid killing anything that has Future Timeline signifigance.

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