There has been much debate on how the Space Quest galaxy connects to our universe. As hinted throughout the games they take place in the same universe, but SQ is set far in the future. This is mentioned several times throughout the series, as well as the official spin off material such as The Space Quest Companion and the The Official Guide To Roger Wilco's Space Adventures.

The most notable event was at the end of Space Quest 3 when Roger Wilco and the Two Guys of Andromeda visited Earth via a black hole and met Ken Williams, the CEO of Sierra. According to the Space Quest Companion the blackhole was a time warp back into Earth's distant past, 20th Century, and represented Roger's first encounter with time travel. In SQ6 there is a reference which points out that many humanoids evolved from earth, and that toilet paper is originated from earth custom.

The people of Xenon are also human according to the Space Quest companion and several in-game references. According the Companion, humans had at some point colonized Xenon. The games include many references to Earth and its places, cultures, nations, etc have been made, though many of which have probably been intentionally slipped in as mini-jokes. Here's a work-in-progress list of these findings:

  • In Space Quest 5, Roger makes a reference to China in his quote "I won't go down without a fight, Quirk! I know kung fu, karate, tae-kwon-do, and several other Chinese words!"
  • The Galactic Inquirer featured an article titled "Planet Invaded by Farmers from Earth" and another article about a sighting of Elvis at Monolith Burger.
  • Also in the Inquirer are several ads and personals from individuals from the planet Earth.
  • The publishing information for Space Piston magazine states that magazine is published on Earth.
  • On Polysorbate LX in Space Quest 6, Roger recalls decorating a Christmas tree when untangling the hookah hoses.
  • At Sharpei's Quarters in Space Quest 6, while looking at a roll of toilet paper, a reference is made to "azwipe", which is said to be common cultural practice to humanoids decendent from earth.

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