This article is a list of all timepods mentioned in Space Quest. General information about timepods can be found here and the Timebuster 2000 SUX seen in Space Quest IV can be found here.

This article collects information on the various models of timepods.

CenturySkipper Model 45Edit

One such model is owned by Oeter "Paul" Enmari. His model is fitted with Infinite Cyclodrive rated at 4500 BTU (Betelgeusan Time Units). His RAMsphere is cranked up to about 3.2 GAEs on the Escher scale and he's getting about 9:1 on the Tsunomometer. He wrote in to Smokey Crankshaft of Space Piston Magazine to ask how much additional Saganium he would need to reach the event horizon if he ramped up the Protodrive to a full 256 SKU. Smokey didn't answer.

Era-Matic 2000Edit

Timepod that Smokey Crankshaft sold to his father for "a mere 4000 buckazoids". Although Smokey had done at least 275,000 years, he had rolled back the timeage meter to 75,000 years.

Model QX-V Eonomatic PhaseShifterEdit

New timepod with fragile Refracting Tiles. In order to mount QuadBeam Thrusters to the QX-V you have to shave about an eighth of an inch from the dorsal seam with a razor blade.

Timeslug 1000 S-EXEdit

Predecessor to the Timebuster 2000 SUX.

Timebuster 2000 SUXEdit

As used by the Sequel Police and appropriated by Roger Wilco during Space Quest IV. See Timebuster 2000 SUX for more information.

TimeWarp 10000Edit

Produced by Letz Electronoids. Predecessor to the TimeWarp 12000.

TimeWarp 12000Edit

Produced by Letz Electronoids. Includes such features as Argon-dampened stabilizers, non-stick flo-mo EZ-glide Tchachkes, and computerized nitro-injection with air/fuel Dynamixing. Letz Electronoids insists that most of their users use the pod to make many short hops, a few minutes or days back and forth to win bets or contests and play practical jokes. This was in defense to a review in Space Piston Magazine, who discovered that the TimeWarp could not stand up to their test conditions (involving visiting the Pleistocene twenty times a day). Space Piston was not impressed, and titled their review "Letz Blew the TimeWarp Again".

"Letz Blew the TimeWarp Again" is a reference to the chorus line "Let's Do The Time Warp Again!" from the song "The Time Warp" from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

Turboflex Dynacharged TimeHopper DeluxeEdit

Comes with optional extras such as the Plaubunkett Nonaphonic AroundSound System (which requires a TransAmp, which runs a nanosecond or two ahead of the timepod and dumps the sound waves just ahead, as well as preventing the system from punching sonic holes in the time channel behind you).

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