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Sales Clerk

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Jane Jensen

Backstory Edit

Maebot is the Galaxy Galleria's self-described "fashion consultant to the cosmos". Modelled to be stylishly feminine, she delights in assisting would-be shoppers in finding the latest high galactic fashion for the discerning female-clothing-wearer. She apparently doesn't mind assisting the occasional male shopper who, *ahem*, wants to get in touch with his "feminine side". But underneath that flirtacious exterior lies a personality that can be tough-as-nails for anyone who tries to avoid parting with their buckazoids after making a selection.

Game Involvement Edit

After travelling to the Space Quest 12 era and finding several potentially useful slots for his PocketPal terminal, Roger decided to head back to the Galaxy Galleria to see if he could buy an appropriate PocketPal connector. In order to do that, however, he'd need to find a rather hefty sum of buckazoids first. Fortunately, Zondra had been unlucky enough to drop her ATM card for Roger to "borrow", but he needed a disguise to fool the AutoBucks Teller Machine in order to use it.

He headed on over to Sacks, where the clerk was happy to suggest a suitable dress and wig for Roger to wear. After finding a way to earn sufficient funds to buy the dress, he paid the clerk for her fine selection and was on his way.

Of course, the Galaxy Galleria stores have strict laws against shoplifting. If Roger had decided to try to weasel out of paying for the dress, the clerk would have dropped her friendly demeanor and started ordering Roger to pay up. And if he tried to sneak out altogether, she would take back the dress and toss him out on his ear. But of course, Roger would never be sneaky enough to steal a dress in order to be sneaky enough to steal someone's bank account.

Roger finds her attractive, he always had a thing for women with antennae.

THG beta Edit

The Space Quest IV beta released illegally by The Humble Guys in 1991, some months before the release of the actual game, it is possible to take a look at a older version of Maebot, which is a lot different than in the final game. First, Maebot used to be named Gaybot, and here is the exchange between her and Roger when he's trying to buy the dress, taken from Akril15's website about Sierra games resource files, which you can find here :

CLERK: **Greetingss, I'm sssir Gaybot, what can I do with... err for you?
ROGER: ***I.. uh.. well...
CLERK: **Looking for the latest in high galactic polyfiber fashion.
ROGER: **Yeah I... uh.. guess so.
CLERK: **Shopping for that ssspecial sssomeone or is thiss for yoursself?
ROGER: **Actually it's for... someone else.. yeah thats it, someone else.
CLERK: **Mmmm I ssee, ssay no more I understand perfectly.. this sspecial ssomeone has the same measurements, I presume?
ROGER: **Uh yeah thats right, how did you know?
CLERK: **Don't worry luv, I have a reputation for keeping a ssecret. Now I have just the thing, it's all the rage.

(Picks out dress)

CLERK: **Ssince you are the ssame ssize why don't you try these on, the changing room is here to the right.

(Roger enters changing room)

CLERK: **Ssay, why don't you try thiss on too, it's one of my personal favorites.

(Clerk carries wig into changing room and returns to counter, Roger sashays out wearing the dress and the wig)

CLERK: **Oooh you look delicious, you'll... I mean she'll be so pleased!
CLERK: **That will be 60 buckazoids please.

(After Roger pays the clerk)

CLERK: ***Thanks killer, come back soon!

If you look at the clerk, you get this message :

You just looked at the sales clerk from this store.

References Edit

It's possible, especially considering the clerk's flirtaciously feminine mannerisms, that the name "Maebot" was meant to refer to one of the sex symbols of classic Hollywood cinema, Mae West.

Dialogue Edit

Here are the dialogue lines from the CD version of the game, as read by Jane Jensen :


"Hi ya, hon. I'm Maebot, fashion consultant to the cosmos. What can we, oh, do with ya today?"


"Hi ya, hon. I'm Maebot, fashion consultant to the cosmos. What can we do with ya today?"


"Let us know if we can help."


"Are you sure you got the right store, hon?"


"Listen, hon, I got work to do here. You run along now. Maybe you can bring back your girl sometime. Bye now."


"Oh, let me guess: You want something for someone very special. Someone who'd die to get the latest in high galactic fashion."


"Are we right, or are we right?"


"OK... what size does she take?"


"Oh, I don't think we're right about that."


"Is she? A likely story. Good thing for you I can keep a secret, sweetie."


"I'm sure this will suit that 'special someone's' needs. It's all the rage."


"I suppose you'll want to try it on, now. Here, use this dressing room."


"And, honey, if your 'special someone' needs a wig, this one should look pretty good on you."


"Very lovely, honey; it's made for ya. Would you like us to wrap it up, or would that special someone prefer ya to wear it home?"


"Just what we thought. That will be 60 buckazoids, sicko."


"Stop wasting my time. You sickos are all the same. Now, pay up."


"We don't haggle over prices here, hon. Either pay up, or put the dress back."


"I think you're cute, too, but looks won't pay for those designer duds."


"It really is nice weather, but then, this is an artificial, computer-controlled climate. Now, how 'bout some cash?"


"Listen, you twerp, the dress is 60 buckazoids. Now hand over the cash, or the dress."


"I don't want to have to throw you out, but if you don't hand over the cash, I'll have no choice."


"Are you in need of an auditory exam, or what? Pay up, pal!"


"Trying to weasel out of paying, huh?"


"Cut the chit-chat and hand over the cash."


"Oh, it's you again. What do you want?"


"Oh, it's you again. Would you stop wasting my time?"


"Well, okay. But don't try that again. If you have to be weird, fine, but we don't appreciate shoplifters, dear."


"Appreciate it, hon."


"Thanks for shoppin' at Sacks."


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