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That's no moon...oh wait, it's just a moon.

Magmetheus has a single moon, and is basically a stop-over point in between more important places. Among the most noteable tourist traps there is a seedy bar visited by a multitude of disreputable types.

Background Edit

Magmetheus is not very noteable, and is a nosepit of a planet, geologically it is apparent largely a red ball of desert and volcanic activity based on its name which makes reference 'magma', and lava which is apparently mined on the planet. It is however more stable than Ortega. There doesn't appear to be any plant life, just tall jagged mountain ranges, with flat dirt and sandy valleys in between. A few jagged rocky outcroppings appear to dot the valleys as well. Almost all exposed rock and soil appears to be rust colored (or at least ruddy browns and pinks).

The planet is orbited by a lonely dark moon.

Magmetheus spaceport is a rather small place (perhaps its main, and possibly only settlement) at coordinates 259x142 built into one of the planets sandy valleys. The dusty spaceport has a lone spaceport dive with no real name, with an antique sign in the front that eponymously states BAR. The spacers who frequented the place just refer to it as Barfy's. As a title, it was a bit too glamorous for the reality. The planet is easily ignored and best forgotten. The street outside the cosmic canteen is lit only by the halogen light of Magmetheus' lone streetlight.

In front of the bar is the landing pad (if it can be called that) which is not much more than a exposed flat area of rock, dirt and sandy where ships and other vehicles can simply park. There are parking meters for each designated space. Spacers who go into overtime parking, will have their vehicles towed away at the owner's expense. The ground spaces stretch toward a series of jagged mountain ranges. Mountains and the fiery red and orange sky above can be seen in the distance behind the nameless bar, and its surrounding landing zone.

Beyond the bar, the spaceport is apparently a place to repair and refuel ships, while people wait at the bar. Magmetheus is known to have the cheapest rates in the sector for ship repairs.

Magmetheus has one known export, its Lava Screens which are sold around the galaxy. Some can be found on the walls of the arcade on Polysorbate XL.

The most notable visitor to Magmetheus was Roger Wilco, when he visited during his Space Quest 4 exploits to repair his ship, and was nearly executed by the Sequel Police at a seedy bar on Magmetheus: Barfy's, but was saved just in time by his son, Roger Wilco Jr..

Roger Wilco was sent back to Magmetheus by his son, but discovered during the time he was gone, the Alluminum Mallard had been towed away for overtime parking, and impounded as payment by Patrician Broadcasting. Roger only had enough buckazoids to pay for a ticket back to Xenon.

Behind the scenesEdit

Magmetheus appears in the fan games, see Magmetheus (unofficial).

The lighted tables in the bar here are reminiscient of the bar scene in Star Trek III. The name is presumably a parody of Magrathea from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

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