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The MasterBurger 2000

The MasterBurger 2000 is used in branches of Monolith Burger for the creation of their products.

It is so easy, a human could probably do it. Burger comes out of the nucleo-carbonic cooking chamber and is transported along the conveyor belt to the box grabber for transport to the customer. Drop on the lettuce, then the pickle. Squeeze on the mayo, squirt on the mustard and then on goes the ketchup. Top it off with a sesame-seed bun. Any trouble, read the sign. Burgers must be dressed perfectly, any mistakes by the time it gets to the box grabber will result in the reject machine being activated and the burger being vapourized.

The BurgerMaster 2000 has variable speed for training purposes. Experts should be able to create one product per second. Expert status should be achieved within 5 minutes.

The SignEdit

Instructions for the MasterBurger 2000. This notice must be posted wherever the MasterBurger 2000 is in use.

The hand cursor must be active in order to pick up and install condiments.

Up & down arrows switch between condiments and burger. When on condiment level, left & right arrows move cursor between condiments. When on burger level, cursor follows burger.

Click on condiment to pick it up. Click it again on top of burger to install it. If you're carrying a condiment and you cycle to another cursor, the condiment drops back into its bay.

Moving up & down switches between condiments and burger. When on condiment level, moving left & right moves cursor between the condiments. When on burger level, cursor follows burger.

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