The Mayor of Xenon (aka Xenon leader) is the leader of the people of Xenon, and the Mayor of Xenon City.


He presented the Golden Mop to Roger Wilco on Xenon after he defeated the Sariens and restored the Star Generator.

Once, Roger nearly hit a police hovercraft, and then barely missed the Mayor aircar.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Xenon leader appeared in SQ1EGA. SQ1EGA states that he is the "Xenon leader" (he is not described in the remake). Space Piston comics described him as the Mayor, and Roger in Hoyle I describes a "Mayor" of Xenon as well.

The Space Quest Companion upgrades his role (or rather the role of the man from the SQ1VGA version) to the Federation president.

In the comic the scene makes mention of the Elders of Xenon, and one such elder (a Keronian in appearance) gives the reward.