Molly's Chug & Glug SpaceBar (aka Space Bar and Spacebar) is a space bar on Nova Space Station. It is the GreasySpoon at the End of the Universe.


Serving as a recreational area for StarCon officers, the Space Bar is equipped with a large lounge area, complete with tables and Star Cruiser area, as well as a fully functioning brig area.

Space Quest VEdit

Roger Wilco and the rest of the crew of the SCS Eureka come to the bar for some shore leave after finishing their first mission. While Cliffy goes off to talk to an "old friend," Roger, Rumproast Droole and Gowitda Florence Qwerty sit at a table and order drinks.

While they are seated, they are approached by Nelo Jones, who attempts to push some merchandise on them, but ultimately fails, settling for leaving a pouch of dehydrated Space Monkeys as a free sample, as well as his business card. Not long after, Raemes Tipper Quirk, who was at the bar with a familiar looking alien, comes down and starts insulting Roger. The war of words ultimately leads to Quirk "demanding satisfaction" by challenging Roger to a game of Star Cruiser.

Regardless of the outcome of the game, Roger and Quirk return to find Cliffy in a fight with his "old friend," angry that he insulted their ship by calling it a garbage scow. Quirk has Cliffy thrown in the brig as a result. Needing to break his chief engineer out, Roger decides to ignore the warning on the Space Monkeys pouch and pours them into his drink. This starts flooding the SpaceBar with a swarm of drunk, rapidly procreating space monkeys.

While everyone else evacuates the SpaceBar, Roger uses Spike's acidic urine to his advantage by using it to melt through the bars of Cliffy's cell. Roger and Cliffy manage to make it back to the Eureka just before the overload of Space Monkeys causes the SpaceBar to explode.


SpaceBar served a variety foods for the culinary inclined.

Behind the scenesEdit

Molly's chug & glug is mentioned in the game's text.

The station is called several different things in the game text including Spacebar, Space Bar, 'The SpaceBar', Space Station, Nova station, etc.

The name is a play on spacebar, a key on a typewriter or computer keyboard.

The theme of Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind can be heard within the bar's background music.


  • Just before the bar explodes when the Space Monkeys depressurize it, the ship used by the Two Guys from Andromeda can be seen flying off along with the Eureka and several other ships.

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