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Molly's Chug & Glug SpaceBar (aka Space Bar and Spacebar) is a space bar on Nova Space Station. It is the GreasySpoon at the End of the Universe.


It serves as recreational area for StarCon officers, the Space Bar is equipped with a large lounge area, complete with tables and Star Cruiser area, as well as a fully functioning brig area. It was destroyed by an overload of Space monkeys released by Roger Wilco.

Molly's chug and glug is the center of the recreational activities available at the Space Station.

Besides being a "bar in space", the name refers to the "space bar" key on computer keyboards.


SpaceBar served a variety foods for the culinary inclined.

Behind the scenesEdit

Molly's chug & glug is mentioned in the game's text.

The station is called several different things in the game text including Spacebar, Space Bar, 'The SpaceBar', Space Station, Nova station, etc.

The name is a play on spacebar, a key on a typewriter or computer keyboard.

The theme of Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind can be heard within the bar's background music.


  • Just before the bar explodes when the Space Monkeys depressurize it, the ship used by the Two Guys from Andromeda can be seen flying off along with the Eureka and several other ships.

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