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Monochrome Boys

Base of Operations/Home Planet:


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Notable Members:

Grey Matters (3 very ugly dudes).

The Monochrome Boys are greyscale bikers who like to spend their time chugging brewskis and looking for a fight. The Grey Matters are biker gang subsidiary of this organization/race. Adventurers are advised to avoid them at all costs, especially if the adventurer possesses more than two colors in their palette. The Monochrome Boys are most commonly encountered in Ulence Flats, and can generally be found riding sand bikes. They are associated with the Grey Matters.

Background Edit

After escaping from the Sequel Police at the Galaxy Galleria by stealing their timepod, Roger found himself back in the Space Quest 1 era in Ulence Flats.


The Boys sit at the bar tossing back some ale.

He went into the Rocket Bar in search of a drink, only to be accosted by the Monochrome Boys. The Boys took offense at the fact that Roger was in full color, and tossed him out of the bar.

In retaliation, Roger knocked over the Boys' sand bikes and ran for his life. The Boys, angered by Roger's actions, mounted their bikes and went to try and run Roger over. However, Roger was able to successfully dodge the bikes and re-enter the Rocket Bar.


The Boys' sand bikes.

Unfortunately, the Rocket Bar Bartender recognized Roger as the person who broke his slot machine. So Roger changed his mind before the Boys could come back for him, and returned to the timepod to head to a different era, taking a pack of matches with him as a souvenir.

The Three Guys Edit

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  • The database information in SQ6 implies that the Monochrome Boys is their designation of race/species, and not just the name of the biker gang. It may imply that there are more than three M.B. in the galaxy. It also suggests that the Monochrome Boys orginated on Pestulon.
  • In the Space Quest Companion the 'actual' name of their gang is the "Grey Matters".

Dialogue Edit


"Well, lookee here! If it ain't Mr. 'Look-at-Me-I'm-in-EGA'."


"Well, lookee here! If it ain't Mr. 'Look-at-Me-I'm-in-32-Colors'."


"Well, lookee here! If it ain't Mr. 'Look-at-Me-I'm-in-VGA'."


"What's this? 16 colors all for one little bitmapped wimp? What a waste of EGA, heh heh."


"What's this? You'd have to be a blitherin' idiot to waste all that color on one little bitmapped wimp, heh heh."


"What's this? 256 colors all for one little bitmapped wimp? What a waste of VGA, heh heh."


"What's the matter, monochrome not good enough for ya?"


"Hey, fellas, I'll bet I can toss him all the way out from the bottom of the stairs. Bet ya an ale."


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ComPost Database Entry Edit

Pestulon Monochrome Boys

You won't find the Monochrome Boys in their native habitat. These foul-mouthed, belligerent beasts spend most of the time zipping around on Hardly-Dramamines, bullying weaker lifeforms and tinkering with their hogs.

(Not their motorcycles, but their real hogs. Don't ask, you don't want to know.)

The Monochrome Boys are so named because of their unusual white and gray pigmentation. The blotchy blemished are partly responsible for their sour demeanor. Do not make eye contact.

Should they force a confrontation, do not call them "monochrome" or "boys." It's all right for them to call each other "monochrome," but it's not okay for anyone else.

The diet of Monochrome Boys consists mainly of any other life form that has a light, crunchy exoskeleton.

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