Mother Wilco was Roger Wilco's mother. She was married to Roger's father also named Roger Wilco.


She called Roger Wilco a mistake despite the fact Roger was born from a test-tube[1] Sometimes she and his father wondered where they went wrong.[2] Despite this Roger seems to have been fairly close to her, and is said to keep in close contact with her, and seems to have an attachment to her.[3] He sometimes says things he wouldn't want his mother to hear.[4]

She has been the source of many pearls of wisdom for Roger. Including the fact she taught him about Sariens. She told him never kiss a Sarien unless he was willing to finish what he started (apparently it would initiate the mating ritual)[5]. She also warned him about professional ladies and unsavory characters.[6] She probably also told him not to lick cold pipes, other people's spaceships or strange areas, not to play with firecrackers, and to finish what was on his plate for taking second helpings, and to always wear clean underwear.[7][8][9] However, his mother apparently forgot to warned him about licking strange areas.[10] She also warned him against leaving the refrigerator door open.[11][12]

She and husband put a force field around Roger's play pen when he was a child.[13]

She and her husband noticed that their son appeared to have poor eyesight and was shortsighted.[14]

She also sent Roger to school with a used mop, instead of a new one like the rest of the kids in his class.[15]

Roger's Mom's cooking is said to smell similar to iron oxide, burning rubber, and fusel oil.[16] The food that his mother used to make,was greasy, tepid and over-salted. It sticked to his ribs, and stayed there a long time.[17] Her desserts were apparently nearly lethal.[18]

Roger's mother once spazzed-out and threw away magazines she found in his room one time back in junior high. The magazines had cost him a lot of good lunch money.[19]

Roger apparently used to wear his mom's unmentionables when he was younger.[20]

Some rumors suggest his momma once caught him with a crayon in his mouth.[21]

Behind the scenesEdit

Wilco's mother is mentioned several times throughout the series. In a few cases Roger will call out to his "Mommy" or "Mom" just before he is killed. For example, he will whimper Mommy, just before the Eureka's self-destruct mechanism blasts him into tiny-space hero remnants.[22]


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