Ms. Astro Chicken is Mother Most Fowl. She is the mate to the master Astro Chicken and now a star in her own right.[1]

She is also the title character of an arcade game, Ms. Astro Chicken: Flight of the Pullet (known simply as 'Ms. Astro Chicken' to most gamers), produced by ScumSoft during the Space Quest X era. Ms. Astro Chicken can fly and lay eggs, allowing her to knock out farmers and dogs. But her greatest enemy is the evil Flying Fox-Like-Creature (often referred to as a flying squirrel).

She has been known to get into quarrels with Cedric the owl, and come out the victor, giving a hearty "Bacock!".

Behind the scenesEdit

In Planet Pinball: Level 1, Ms. Astro Chicken takes the place of the Energizer Bunny. Roger needs find a string on the pinball table to capture her, as she walks across the field drumming.

Cedric the Owl is a reference to a character from King's Quest V, who accompanies Graham throughout his adventure, mostly to provide advice. He has been considered annoying.

The name "Ms. Astro Chicken" is a reference to the arcade game Ms. Pac Man

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