Nanite in Stellar's Stomach


The Nanites from Stellar's Brain, destroying each other.

A nanite is a microscopic robotic device and a form of nanotechnology.

A nanite is built by manipulating atoms and contains gigabytes of computer memory. It is small enough to enter living cells and can be programmed to do numerous tasks. Nanites are used by the Star Confederation for medical purposes and are designed to work inside nucleii during cellular surgery. When they are not used nanites are stored in a non-functional state. When necessary nanites can be destroyed with a burst of high-level gamma radiation.

Nanites were used by Dr. Beleauxs in Project:Immortality to achieve the take-over of Stellar Santiago's body by Sharpei. Roger Wilco was shrunk and then injected into Stellar's body in order to destroy them. He was able to destroy the infestation in her stomach by disolving them in her stomach acid, and the pair in her brain destroyed each other when Roger managed to convince each of them that the other one kept hitting them.

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