Nav-201 from behind

Model: Nav-201 Pilot Droid
Designated Purpose:


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The Nav-201 Pilot Droid is an inexpensive and reliable droid series designed for piloting and navigating small to medium class ships, including cruisers and fighters. They communicate with high pitched warbles and beeps and have a detachable wheel-base for operation in small craft.

Roger bought a Nav-201 named Fly-Boy in order to navigate to the Deltaur.

Salesbug descriptionEdit

That model is ideal for flight systems operations. It will pilot any modern fighter or cruiser. And, it is one of the most experienced droids we carry. I ask only 45 buckazoids for it (36 with coupon). I got it from some gambling type who was required to pay-up or perish.

Other NotesEdit

The Nav-201 Pilot Droid replaces the Model QR 7 Pilot Droid in the EGA version of SQ1.

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