Nocuticles front
Gender: Male
Species: Bjorn
Profession and/or purpose:

Bjorn Leader

Games seen or mentioned in:

SQ6 Demo

Locations seen or mentioned in:

SCS Deepship 86

Voice Actor(s):


Nocuticles is the toaster-skulled leader of the Bjorn, and can be recognised by a socket just below the anterior crust control. This socket is typically used to connect Nocuticles to various power sources in order to recharge him, and through him, the entire Bjorn collective.

StarCon had posted a reward for the deactivization of Nocuticles before the events of the SQ6 Demo where the Bjorn suddenly arrived on their cube and attacked the unsuspecting DeepShip 86. They turned almost the entire crew into scoops of lemon sorbet, except for Roger, who was at cleaning the ship's windows from the outside at the time. Nocuticles then proceeded to either drain energy from the pattern buffers or absorb all the information stored in the computer by bombarding it with nucleonic radiation.

Roger managed to sneak back on board the ship, lure Nocuticles to the Commander's chair with a plate of Bjorn Chow and electrocute him with the ClapMaster while his attention was diverted.

It is unknown whether or not Roger claimed the reward for the deactivization, although it seems like his bravery (or dumb luck) while saving the ship had no positive effect on his career.


"Nocuticles of Bjorn" is a play on "Locutus of Borg" from Star Trek: The Next Generation.