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Nosenugget Nomads

These lumpen creatures toddle around the universe in wood-pannelled station wagons. With their sac-like children in tow, they go on sightseeing tours that last upwards of 30 thousand years.

During these tours, they take literally millions of slides, most of which show them waving "Hi" on every dinky little planet, asteroid and intergalactic tourist trap in the Crab Nebula.

During their hibernation phase, which lasts about 4 thousand years, they have their film developed. When they waken, they watch the slides.

Entire civilizations have risen and fallen during one of the Nosenugget slide shows.

Nosenuggets pride themselves on their gustatorial flexibility. They eat whatever foods are native to the location they're visiting.

On planets where the natives subsist mainly on Nosenuggets, this presents the Nosenuggets with the difficult situation in which they end up having to eat themselves.