Doesn't look deadly, but appearances ARE deceptive.

Nuke'm Duke'm Robots is a fighting game developed by ScumSoft in which giant NukemDudemBattleBots robots are utilized for a mechanized effect.


Roger Wilco had played the game all the time as a child. While he wouldn't admit to it while older, he considered himself the Nuke'm Duke'm king.[1]

Roger Wilco was able to defeat Elmo Pug in Nukem Dukem during his rescue of the Two Guys from the Pirates of Pestulon.

Behind the scenesEdit

The gameplay references the popular board game Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots. It is unlikely that the name has anything to do with the villain character Duke Nukem from Captain Planet series. Nor does it have anything to do with the video game Duke Nukem, as the first game in that series was released two years after Space Quest III.

Plot InconsistencyEdit

When fighting Elmo in the Nukem Dukem robots, you can walk around him so that you're standing right and he is standing left. You can then force him to the wall and defeat him. When you do, he'll smash a hole in the left side of the arena but when you escape with the Two Guys to your ship, the hole of the next screen is on the left side too, which doesn't make sense.


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