An Official Astro Chicken Flight Hat

The Official Astro Chicken Flight Hat can be bought from World O' Wonders on planet Phleebhut. While some people who buy the hat try it on while still in the shop, most of them realize how ridiculous they look as soon as they leave, and take it off.

Game InvolvementEdit

In Space Quest III, Roger bought one at Fester's World O' Wonders for the great price of 25 buckazoids, and lost it it the attack of Arnoid the Annihilator. It is unclear if he really bought it or not : according to some alternate theories, he never did.



Wow! Your Official Astro Chicken Flight Hat! Man, the babes'll really dig you in this.

Fester Blatz's description of the item Now here's a red hot item, the official Astro Chicken Flight Hat! You'll really turn some heads in this sporty little number! It's modeled after the hot new arcade game that's sweeping the galaxy.
Trying to buy it with not enough money Everything here costs 25 buckazoids, and you don't have that much!
What Fester says when you're buying it A wise choice! I'm sure you'll be very, very pleased.
Putting it on You don the jaunty hat. You feel more sporty already!

Bugs and GlitchesEdit

If Roger buys the hat while Fester is talking about it, it will appear in the inventory, but it will still be in Fester's hands while he's talking about it.

If Roger buys the hat when he goes to World O' Wonders for the first time, he will lose it when he leaves. If, however, the player goes to buy it after he defeats the robot, he will be able to keep it when he leaves the shop, but he will never be able to leave the room, except to go back into the shop, neither take it off.

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