Pa Conshohocken is the owner of Boot Liquor, and one of the oldest residents of Polysorbate LX. Definitely security-minded.


The character was named after the borough of Conshohocken, PA, as confirmed by an e-mail response from Josh Mandel.

Below is an excerpt from it:

Wow, you're the first person to ever ASK.

Pa Conshohocken was a tip o' the hat to a friend of mine, Russ Ceccola. Russ, who's from Conshohocken, was a writer in the games industry (as I was before jumping over to development): a game critic, strategy guide writer, columnist, and general bon vivant. He had actually helped me at one point by settling an argument I was having with Roberta Williams over an interview that Russ had done with her for Computer Gaming World over a game I had co-designed with her, "Scary Tales."

Well, we were talking back when SQ6 was in development, and at one point, Russ said, "Hey, I'm from a city in Pennsylvania called "Conshohocken." I wonder if there's any possible way for you to mention Conshohocken in the game."

Once I decided to make Conshohocken a character by turning the PA into Pa, assigning the name to the liquor store owner was easy, since I didn't have many characters who would be old and crusty enough to be nicknamed "Pa." I also thought it worked out well since making him a liquor store owner would be a sort of elbow-to-the-ribs thing to do to Russ.

So it's a pretty simple answer to a mild question!

Yours truly,


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