A parallel universe is an alternate dimension to the Universe in which Roger Wilco lives or an alternate reality within the Universe.


Earth is said to be in a parallel universe to the SQ3 time zone that can be accessed by the local black hole. It may be crossed through some time and dimensional barrier (aka time and space) through the black hole.[1] Although others claim that earth is merely in another galaxy (this however doesn't preclude there being multiple earths in several parallel universes). The SQC places the blackhole to Earth as a wormhole to several centuries in the past and across dimensions (which may suggest that time travel is somewhat related to interdimensional travel perhaps like passing between the coils on a spring, with each coil representing another point in time and alternate dimension).

The Restaurant Universe is another parallel universe that intesects with the known Universe.

The Daventry Zone is a place beyond time, space, and dimensions.

Monolith Burger is a fast food chain scattered throughout the known universes.

Thanks to a number of changes caused by time travel (Roger Wilco, Two Guys From Andromeda, Sludge Vohaul and the Sequel Police, and the Time Rippers, etc) there are number of parallel timelines that have apparently formed around Roger Wilco's exploits, but how they interrelate to each other is unclear (There also appears to be a level of 'self correction' in which all the minor universe deviations try to merge back into a single proper timeline).

Roger Wilco points out that the sequel police were searching through his past (and pasts) for him. Indicating that his past had divided into multiple universes.[2]

Minor variants include Roger speaking to Monochrome Boys having originated from an EGA, VGA or Monochrome universe. monochrome boys will acknowledge his appearance.

Monochrome Boy: Well, lookee here! If it ain't Mr. "Look-at-me-I'm-in-EGA". Hey, fellas, I bet I can toss him all the way up from the bottom of the stairs.
Monochrome Boy: What's this? 256 colors all for one little bitmapped wimp? What a waste of EGA, ha ha.
Monochrome Boy: Well, lookee here! If it ain't Mr. "Look-at-me-I'm-in-32-colors".
Monochrome Boy: What's this? You'd have to be a blitherin' idiot to waste all that color on one little bitmapped wimp, ha ha.

Time travelers may suffer from multidimensional dementia. The symptoms may involve talking to books concerning time travel.[3]

Parallel TimelinesEdit

The divisions can be described as such.

Timeline A ("Prime"?)Edit

There are three variations, but at least two of them appear to based round the choice of touching the Don't Touch button and/or a trip to Daventry. Both of these "choices" were recorded in Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter.
a. This timeline consists of Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (original version) time sector up to Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers (time sector) (and other related time sectors). In this timeline Roger Wilco experienced the original version of Space Quest I era twice (chronicled in The Official Guide To Roger Wilco's Space Adventures (1st Edition)). It should be noted that there are certain details that might indicate that 1st edition account might also contain slight deviations from the universe in SQ1 as well (an additional corpse of Willie near Andy in the upstairs hallways in the Arcada (original version)).
b. In this minor variation of the prime timeline Roger Wilco actually managed to push the "Do Not Touch" button and ended up going back in time and crashing into Castle Daventry's moat. Roger Wilco 'remembers' this event, however it seems as if he was able to correct this situation, and returned to the original timeline defeating the Sariens, Sludge Vohaul, and the Pirates of Pestulon. This variant was roughly recorded and confirmed in Hoyle: Book of Games, Vol. 1. This Roger also discusses elements of the Xenon invasion in between SQ3 and 4.
c. This represents Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (original version) time sector itself regardless of if Roger reached it through timeline A or Timeline B, or via Timeline C (variant b.). It includes minor differences from the original version of the era Tiny's Shop has a different name, the planet and sun are called Ulence (rather than Kerona), the droid shop has had time to file Chapter XI bankruptcy, the monochrome boys have shown up! and a few other differences.

Timeline B (two variations)Edit

This timeline is largely the same as Timeline A, except that the influence of time travel in Timeline A, both a. and b. and possibly including future time travel events after SQ4 (Roger attempting to send his Memoirs into the past for example). During the events of SQ4 (and related time sectors) Roger Wilco ends up traveling back to Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (original version) time sector (but everything seems new to him, as he only remembers the alternate VGA past) Note, however, that 'a' version of Timeline B may actually be the same or alternative version of Timeline C (as it may have started out VGA and lost resolution to the original version before his eyes, similar to how photos lose imagery in Back to the Future, due to shifts in time).
a. This timeline begins with Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter (time sector) in which his original adventure had turned "VGA" and is known to go up to at least Space Quest V. This includes the events of Timeline B as recorded in The Space Quest Companion. A few character name differences, some characters having different genders, and slightly different destruction of the Spider Droid. From Roger's perspective his archives represent the events of his actual history (the games are simply based on that history with some artistic changes). This is the timeline in which Roger Wilco sent back to the past in data tapes in an attempt to ensure that his past happens to ensure that he exists in the future (but even this act may have lead to other minor changes (which maybe able to be broken down into sub timelines). Bo mysteriously changes sexes compared to the original version era, becoming female.
b. This timeline begins with Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter (time sector) in which his original adventure has gone "VGA" and is known to go up to at least Space Quest V. This includes the events of Timeline B as recorded in The Official Guide To Roger Wilco's Space Adventures (2nd Edition). Different Spider Droid death, different crew on the Arcada (as explained in 1st Edition), and a few other differences. This more or less follows the games versions of I (VGA) to V with very few deviations.
Note:. In both timelines ultimately leaves Kerona/Ulence safely and travels to other eras. Both known archives only cover up to Space Quest V.

Timeline CEdit

a. In this Timeline it begins with Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter (time sector) presumably goes up to Space Quest IV, but in this universe Roger Wilco ends up going back to the VGA time sector (rather than the EGA timeline) shortly after Roger Wilco blasted off in a stolen vessel, and unfortunately appearing just as the ship's owner is looking for who stole his ship. The outcome of this timeline is not clear. But it is assumed he made it out of the situation alive, and was able to still stop Vohaul and save his son. This is largely covered in Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter and mainly introducing the second Roger appearance into the VGA alternate timeline.
b. A possible alternative version of this becomes the Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (original version). It seems that when Roger first appeared in his timepod in the original version time sector things appeared to be as he remembered them (in VGA), but he seems to noticeably see things lose resolution before his eyes, and change into the original version time sector. He of course does not get mugged in this time sector (although there are certain differences with his recorded 'original version' time sector and the version portrayed in the original SQ1). Hence its possible that a. and b. are simply the same situation. As we don't know what happens in the minutes after Roger leaves the planet, and time traveling Roger appears, its possible for it to simply become the second from future Roger's perspective. The only thing that makes this different is that Roger doesn't seem to notice the mugger directly near him, and he most likely landed in the time zone in the same place Roger lands in SQ4 game. Another difference Roger records is that the Bartender is female, rather than male (as he is in the prime timeline), or at least Roger is not very good at telling alien's genders apart.

Timelines IIEdit

Slight variants between SQ2 versions in the game, Official Guide to Roger's Space Adventures, and the Companion. Mostly concerning his boss (Fubar Snafu).

a. In both SQ5 and companion Roger talks to the boss on his communicator, and then runs into in the Command Center (his boss apparently shaved between the time on the communicator and his later physical appearance).

b. In Guide to Roger's Space Adventures, Roger's Boss contacts Roger on his communicator, and Roger encounters one of his Boss's underlings in the command center (or at least he's extremely clueless and doesn't recognize him after his boss shaved). His boss might be a tad more sinister, having been in cahoots and taking revenge on Roger by intentionally sending Roger to the hanger bay to be captured by Vohaul's goons.

Timelines VEdit

The Space Quest V era may be divided into roughly two main timelines. However, there is a third alternate timeline of less importance involving Thrakus (which can be designated c. or "Alternate Thrakus"), however the two main timelines Thrakus is the same in both a. and b..

a. That which appears in Space Quest 5 the game, and roughly covered in "The Official Guide to Roger Wilco's Space Adventures". Roger runs into Nelo Jones in this timeline in the Space Bar.
b. The version as it appears in Space Quest Companion (and represents Roger's memories much later in his life, and influenced by multiple time travel changes from him, Vohaul, and others.) There are some variant character encounters. Roger runs into Ronko ProPeeler in this timeline in the Space Bar.
c. See alternate Thrakus below.

Timelines XEdit

Additionally SQ4 appears to split into roughly three slightly different timelines, largely affecting the Space Quest X: Latex Babes of Estros era. But it is rumored that these differences are largely due to another of Vohaul's petty revenges.[4]

a. The original Floppy Version and Space Piston Magazine (and more or less The Official Guide To Roger Wilco's Space Adventures). This is the era with (Radio Shock). A different way of escaping the Sequel Police at the mall.
b. The CD-rom version, this is the era with Hz. So Good. Involves a different form of escape to from the Sequel Police than in a. There are some slight differences with some of the other timelines as well, such as Xenon in 12 being a bit 'brighter' in color.
c. The Space Quest Companion version with RadioActive Schlock and other alternate companies at the galaxy Galleria. This one however is closer to a.

Alternate ThrakusEdit

Seen in the The Space Quest Companion, 1st Edition.

Minor Alternate UniversesEdit

Space Quest 1, and Space Quest 3 have many 'alternate' solution paths such as how to take out Arnoid in SQ3. Or the alternate ways to take out Orat, and Spider Droids. The latter is discussed in the two competing novelization guides.

Alternate Universe/Timeline ?Edit

Then there is 'Timeline ?' for no better term which seems wholly separate from the Roger Wilco of the previous timelines (that is there is no indication that it has been created or influenced by the actions of Roger Wilco or Sludge Vohaul's time travel).

This is represented by the The Adventures of Roger Wilco: The Sarien Encounter comic.

This timeline is a strange mix of details merging both Timelime A and Timeline B along with its own major differences. A number of characters have alternate names and different personalities, there is a second survivor of the Arcada, Kerona's geography is a bit different than in both timelines but sharing elements of both. Ulence Flats is much larger city, there are alternate versions of various ships (including the Arcada and Deltaur).

This comic of course may just be a poor adaptation made for a holofilm, perhaps even the version starring Darth Lumix, or even a poor comic adaptation of the holofilm.


All three variations (and minor variations of A and B) all at least appear to merge back into the proper timeline following the changes in time, as if the timeline tries to self correct itself. Thus ultimately future space quests still occur (SQ4, 5 or 6, etc). Archives in SQ6 may make references to elements that exist from all three main variations.

However based on how different alternate universe '?' is from the rest of the parallel universes, it is unlikely that it would self correct in the same way as any other timeline, as it contains a number of large differences; Kerona, Xenon, etc are located in the Milky Way, Keronians are not xenophobic, nor secretive, having political positions of power throughout the galaxy, there was another survivor from the Arcada who took Roger Wilco's glory from him.

Behind the scenesEdit

The concept of timelines and multiple dimensions is something discussed and mentioned throughout the games themselves. One of the first appearances is a mention in Space Quest III, when Roger travels back to Earth. Space Quest 4 introduced the idea of changing history or stopping others from changing history.

The Companion discusses the idea of there being other changes and influences by both Roger and others interactions. Including the concept of him being partially aware of the changes, or seeing the changes occur before his eyes.

Official Guide to Roger Wilco's Space AdventuresEdit

Despite being roughly a more direct adaptation of game events and details (no humor intentional character or place renaming, or simply Roger's embellishments as he is aught to do) their are a number of ways it seemingly differs from the universe of the games or the Companion's version of the universe. However, its largely almost boringly consistant to the games. Between the two books the universe is more or less split between timeline variants as mentioned above. With SQ1 EGA appearing in first edition, and SQ1 VGA appearing in the 2nd edition.

Some details such as his boss (Fubar Snafu in the Companion) seemingly split into two different characters: the first being the bearded individual who calls him on the radio and the non bearded individual who appears before him once he enters XOS IV's command center. I the game its heavily implied they are the same character, and the Companion takes this route as well (presumably he shaves between the time Roger gets dressed and reaches the command center). There may be a few additional 'differences' for certain characters who appear, but it is mostly accurate "first person narrative monologue of the events of the games.


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