Shake it, baby.

Pelvis Brelsford was a "rock 'n' roll programming sensation" known for his dancing style and electric personality.


The progeny of kissing cousins, Pelvis made history as th King of inbred Memphis Blues. Whenever you're in love or feeling all shook up, you have Pelvis Brelsford to blame. This musical force of the late 22nd century wowed humans and aliens alike with his desrepitly sensuous gyrations of his trifle-too-wide hips. His trademark thick, black sideburns, gold-framed sunglasses, and penchant for jelly donuts forever forged his mark upon the steel of the musical world. Everyone's seen the famous concert footage of Pelvis strutting his stuff on satge, sideburns dripping with sweat, stomach exploding over his white satin trousers, and hips pumping and jerking in time to such tunes as "Blue Polyester Sneakers," "I Just Want to be Your Linda Blair,", and "Love Me Tender but Spank Me Firmly."

It's no surprise to find him immortalized here in black velvet and cheap paint. Trailer park trash the galaxy over still spin those Pelvis compact disks and line their knicknack shelves with ceramic booze bottles featuring Pelvis in all his favorite poses. Some say the ghost of Pelvis can sometimes be seen outside the donut shop in Elko, Nevada. Others say go to Oakhurst, California, to see him singin' the blues because cuz Ken and Berta done gone away. If you trod on his image, trod lightly, son. That there is Pelvis.[1]

Another popular product featuring Pelvis is deep shag carpet featuring his name and face.

Titles Edit

  • Pelvis of Waistland[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Aside from being a reference to Elvis, his last name was a reference to Oliver Brelsford, the producer and one of the programmers for Space Quest 6. Pelvis is a reoccurring gag through other Sierra series and games


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