Pestulon, a moon with atmosphere.

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Pestulon is the moon of Ortega. It's located in Sector 69. It has an uncharted surface and unknown inhabitants (other than ScumSoft and the Pirates of Pestulon).

General Information Edit

Pestulon is the only natural satellite of Ortega, it can be seen in the Ortegian sky. During Space Quest 3 it served as the base of operations for ScumSoft and the Pirates of Pestulon and was the location of their headquarters. To keep their operations secret, Pestulon was usually kept hidden by a shield generator located on Ortega. The Pestulonian skies are fuscha.

According to the ComPost, the Giant Cataract Bear and the Monochrome Boys also originate from Pestulon, although the latter are hardly found in their native habitat as they spend most of the time zipping around on Hardly-Dramamines, bullying weaker lifeforms, tinkering with their hogs or hanging out at bars.

Game Involvement Edit


ScumSoft's Base

Roger Wilco visited Pestulon some time during Space Quest 3 in his efforts to rescue the Two Guys from Andromeda. There, he not only infiltrated the Scumsoft HQ masquerading as a janitor, but defeated Scumsoft CEO, Elmo Pug in armed combat, rescued the Two Guys and destroyed the pirate fleet of Skull Fighters in space above the planet.

Physical FeaturesEdit

The moon seems hospitable, unlike its neighbooring planet, Ortega. It is completely covered in forests and jungles of bizarre trees, and its surface is comprised of porous moss. It is not known if there were any previous settlements prior to the occupation of ScumSoft, or if there was any native animal life.


The moon, and the secret base on it, is probably a pun on the Star Wars jungle moon of Yavin IV, which was situated behind an uninhabitable gas giant.