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Phleebhut (aka Phleebut) is a planet located in sector 39 in the Earnon system in Earnon galaxy or maybe in its own system Phleebhut system (presumeably close to the Andromeda galaxy). It has a light atmosphere, and one known settlement.


Phleebhut is one of the Galaxy's worst tourist traps...considering there's only one tourist attraction on it the Mog Memorial and Fester Blatz's World O' Wonders in the center of downtown Phleebhut City. The only living indigenous fauna includes the Phleebhutinskis, who have now completely abandoned the planet, and the Phleebhut Podsnatchers, and the extinct Phleebeasts and Mog (and other natural wonders Fester keeps on a shelf in his store). LimeStones abound and seem to be the planet's main crop. However, a wide variety of other life-threatening creatures have also come to call Phleebhut home, including Scorpazoids and giant snakes! Altogether, Phleebhut is a very perilous world to be exploring even within 500 meters of World O' Wonders. A definite must-see.

Roger Wilco once visited Phleebhut with his dad, when he was a child. He became scared of the double Ferris wheel that once was located at the World O' Wonders, blocking his memory of the planet.

Environment, Climate and TerrainEdit

Phleebhut is a complete desert planet with mysterious purple sand. "Almost" all of the native creatures there have been wiped out, unable to evolve. Creatures shown on the planet appear to have at one point come from an ancient ocean that completely dried up. All that remains there are peculiar green rock formations, quite possible dead coral reef.[citation needed]

The climate is unlike other desert planets featured in science fiction genres (like Star Wars' Tatooine) Instead of being smoldering hot, the planet actually experiences violent weather. Gale force winds and extremely powerful lightning storms are daily occurences.

The terrain of Phleebhut is that of many desert planets. Long, rolling sand dunes and seemingly never ending horizons.

Behind the scenesEdit

In SQ5 the planet is spelled 'Phleebut' at least once. It is also spelled "Phleebut" in the manual for SQ3, and SQ4.

In The Official Guide To Roger Wilco's Space Adventures, Roger Wilco initially doesn't remember Phleebhut, he doesn't remember any planet by that name in Xenon's solar system, or even in his galaxy. He speculates that he might be in a different galaxy, but finds that hard to believe. He wonders if he just hasn't heard of the planet. After he sees the Mog statue he remembers, his father used to bring him to the planet to see the World o' Wonders, when he was just a tyke.

The planet has wrap around like many of the lands in early King's Quest series, but from east and west.

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