Purple podlike creatures indigenous to the planet Phleebhut. They spend their days hanging upside-down from rock formations, waiting for stupid creatures to walk underneath them. When something does, they reach down with their tongue and grab the unsuspecting victim, quickly digesting it.

Game InvolvementEdit

Roger Wilco met a nest of them on his visit to the planet. Luckily, he isn't stupid enough to walk underneath them.

Roger used the Podsnatchers to destroy the droid that was chasing him.

ComPost Database Entry Edit

Phleebhut Podsnatchers

The only other lifeform indigenous to Phleebhut other than the Phleebhutinskis, Podsnatchers hang from the purplish rock formations that dot the landscape.

They attach themselves by means of a strong, solid muscle, and their tough, chitinous outer shell protects them from potential predators.

At birth, the Podsnatcher cannot focus on its prey. Fortunately, it has glands located near its tear ducts that secrete a liquid glass that hardens and forms a lens over the eye, usually in about an hour.

(Imagine that! Lenses in about an hour!)

The Podsnatcher then looks down from its upside-down perch and unrolls a sticky extensible tongue that can pick up an enemy 250 times its own weight, snag a fly moving over 35 kph, or perform several dubious tricks designed to get it onto "Quadrant Twelve's Funniest Home Videos."

Their favorite food is Phleebhutinskis, but since there are no Phleebhutinskis left on the planet, they mostly eat sand.

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