Fester Blatz sold a variety of postcards from around the galaxy at the World O' Wonders. Here are a selection of them.



A great spot for winder travel, Arrakis holds many delights for the adventurous vacationer. Nothing can compare with a blinding dust storm, or being crushed by a sandworm.

Black Hole BerthaEdit


Like a giant interstellar vacuum, Black Hole Bertha comes sweeping through the galaxy. All travelers are advised to stay away from Bertha. Just buy the post card, then tell everyone you went there.



The volcanoes of Ortega are constantly reshaping its surface. Dressed in heat resistant underwear, the hearty traveler can find a lava lovers paradise on this starkly enjoyable planet.



Come join the fun at the funpark of the future! See characters from your favorite stories come to life again and again. Recently revised, so don't miss a single thrilling scene.

Beta Alpha Starless RegionEdit


Looking for some real solitude? Come to a place that's so far from everything that you can't even see stars. Mind-numbing boredom greets you as you drift aimlessly through nothing. A must for the brain-dead!



The friendly creatures of Achoron are a delight for young and old alike. Tame enough to come right up and caress you, yet wild enough to slash you to shreds if provoked.

Nimbus IIIEdit

Nimbus III

Cuddle with the creatures of Nimbus III Petting Zoo!

Hair IslandEdit

Hair Island

Visit Beautiful Hair Island.

Other CardsEdit

Xenon, Terra III, GullyFoyle IX, Kerona, the Black Hole of Oakhurst, and SidneyLand.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

While the text is unreadable for the most part, it looks like one card on the rack may include Xenon, and another looks to say "ORA" perhaps short for Orat Bay. Yet another one has the colors of Pestulon (pink skies and bright green ground), and the text may say 'Pestulon' as well (but it is hard to make out). Another looks to show an image of Earth (that would be the Terra III postcard mentioned in the Space Quest Omnipedia). Which of course isn't in the same galaxy that KQ3 takes place, the fact that it is said that the rack holds locations from around the galaxy. Arrakis, if one is following Dune fiction is actually located in the Milky Way. Acheron in Alien series was also in the Milky Way.

It's worth noting that according to Quest for Glory II, Xenon, Ortega, Pestulon, Phleebhut, and Uranus (not Sol system's Uranus are said to all be part of the same 'obscure planetary system'. Between what can be seen on the rack, and region of space you are flying in this might actually be true.


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