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Project: Immortality (not to be confused with Project: Immorality) is the plan of Sharpei and Dr. Beleauxs to create a system to ensure pseudo-immortality to human kind by transferring one person's consciousness to another person's body, thereby subverting the recipient's being. Their insidious plan was thwarted by Roger Wilco during their attempt to insert Sharpei's essence into Stellar Santiago.

The project has a file in Cyberspace.

Behind the scenesEdit

It should be noted that purpose of "Project: Immortality" is very similar use as the process Sludge Vohaul used to displace Roger Wilco Jr.'s mind with his own. Both systems were designed to allow immortality by transferring one person's conciousness into the body of another. However rather than transferring one's conciousness via nanite, Sludge Vohaul transferred his mind via disk. Or rather the consciousness was on disk, it's not clear the exact process the machine used to copy the consciousness to another individual.

It may be possible that Vohaul's technology represented a prototype to Project: Immortality that was later augmented with future technology from the Space Quest XII era.


In the File Manager, Project Immortality is cross-referenced with "End Game". Roger cannot access such a file.

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