Pilot Droid

Model: QR 7 Pilot Droid
Designated Purpose:

Pilot and Navigation Droid

Games seen or mentioned in:


Locations seen or mentioned in:



45 Buckazoids

Voice Actor(s):



The QR 7 Pilot Droid in action

The model QR 7 Pilot Droid was for sale at Droids-B-Us (original version) for only 45 Buckazoids in the Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (original version) Time sector. A little shorter than Roger Wilco, its body was built from some type of light composite substance. These droids were the first truly reliable flight control systems produced.

Roger purchased the droid and used it to navigate his ship to the Deltaur (original version). It already had a vast experience of navigating ships of many kinds to many different worlds, and had acquired much flight knowledge from its travels. It talks too much.


The QR 7 Pilot Droid is known as Nav-201 in the VGA version of SQ1. While this droid resembles R2-D2 in both form and function, the Nav-201 takes the front seat.

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