Gender: Probably male (after assimilating Quirk)
Species: Pukoid
Profession and/or purpose:


Games seen or mentioned in:


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Game Involvement Edit

The Quirkoid (aka the Blob) was the result of Captain Quirk merging with a blob of primoidial soup.[1] Captain Raems T. Quirk, infected with the pukoid bacteria as a result of dealing with the Primordial Soup, escaped the SCS Goliath in a pod into a big pukoid blob that the Goliath had transported into space from the mutated crew. He merged with the blob, but soon got destroyed because Roger Wilco activated the SCS Eureka's self-destruct sequence after sucking the blob up using the RRS.

Behind the scenesEdit

The creature is referred in-game as the "Quirkoid blob" as well as "the Blob", and the Quirk/Pukoid Blob Creature.

Images Edit

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