RadioActiveSchlock is the premiere purveyor of flimsy subelectronic gadgets, gizmos, and extremely personal computers.[1] They sold adapters for Roger Wilco's PocketLINT. RadioactiveSchlock has thousands of different and unique items for sale, many of which have useful purposes. RadioactiveSchlock's catalogue is so large that by the time they finish compiling it, everything listed is obselete. The catalogue contains dozens, possibly hundreds, of different adapters. Some were male-male, female-female, male-female-ToBeDecided, or other gender connection piece of hardware. They also sell slide rules and electric dandruff removers. They also have a large selection of vacuum tubes at discount prices.


  • PocketLINT
  • Adapters
  • male-male
  • female-female
  • male-female-ToBeDecided
  • Slide rules
  • Electric dandruff removers
  • Vacuum tubes

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