Radio Shock
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Radio Shock is a electronics store on the Galaxy Galleria.


It is part of the Dandy company. It is a store for everyone's nifty electronic needs. It had a location in the Galaxy Galleria Mall. One week it had a sale on ShockMaster Home Shock Treatment Unit for only 2,500 buckazoids. It ran an article on the sale in the Space Piston magazine. There are 15,000,000,000 Radio Shocks all throughout the Greater Crab Nebula Metro Area.


Behind the scenesEdit

Radio Shock was a store in the disk version of Space Quest IV, and is mentioned in the Space Piston Magazine. Radio Shock also appears in The Official Guide to Roger Wilco's Space Adventures and is mentioned in the Space Quest Companion hintbook sections (though the store appears as RadioActive Schlock in Roger's journal/novelizations). Radio Shock is a play on the name Radio Shack. The store was replaced by Hz. So Good in the CD-ROM version after the store sued. The strategy portion of Space Quest Companion primarily refers to the store as "Radio Shock" but notes that it is referred to as HZ. So Good in the CD-rom version.

Radio Shock (unofficial)Edit

Radio Shock appears in the fan-game Space Quest IV.5: Roger Wilco and the Voyage Home, see Radio Shock (unofficial).