Rigellians are a race in the Galaxy. They are known for their mating practices. Their planet is the home assorted flora and fauna including Putrunia a form of Rigellan Stench Blossum (Perennia Halitosia), the Rigelian Piranha-toad and Rigelleian Waterfowl a creature known for its tight sphinctoid.

Rigelian Bladderwort Fever

Behind the scenesEdit

The term Rigellian is brought up by Flo, which could suggest she is Rigellian, the Space Quest Companion has her classified as an Ugoid.

Of course the references to Rigellian appear to be yet another, Star Trek reference, in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the Rigellians are a race of sentient turtless. Other races known as Rigellians also appear in other science fiction series including Star Wars comics and the Simpsons. If it was a reference to latter, 'Rigellian style' could be a reference to 'Tentacle porn'.

The race name comes from the star Rigel (Beta Orionis), the brighest star in the Orion constellation, which is a popular setting in science fiction.

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