Roger Wilco's quarters on the SCS Deepship 86

Roger Wilco had his own quarters on board the SCS Deepship 86, converted from a former cargo hold, which he was assigned to as Janitor 2nd Class after his demotion from the rank of Captain (though he startingly didn't have visible quarters when he was a Captain). Accessible via the pneumatic tube system from any part of the ship, Roger used it to sleep and store dirty laundry. Also, any personal messages for Roger are only accessible via the ComPost in his quarters. After all - commented the Narrator - he wouldn't want the entire crew seeing all of the steamy messages from Beatrice Wankmeister.


The quarters of Roger Wilco aboard the SCS Deepship 86 is actually a converted cargo hold. Ship's Services refitted it, complete with a kitchen, and furnished it with a green carpet and purple bulkheads. They also provided it with a pneumatic tube, wardrobe, bed, dresser, table, and chairs. The kitchen floor is blue and white tiled, and comes complete with a food replicator, garbage disposal, solid waste regenerator, and cockroaches. The room is probably not very well heated as Roger has to use an additional Quartrzebie™ Portable Quartz Heater plugged into a four-socket, recursive-current, subspace-grounded outlet.

Roger sparsely decorated the place. He placed a poster of Quazar Live in Concrete above his ComPost, and a Betelgeuse Clambering Hagfish Fern next to it. He placed an Antarean Foreground Plant in the corner opposite and also hung a mirror above his dresser. Above the dresser he also hung his Golden Mop. The windows are covered with Venusian miniblinds, and just below the windows sits his Kryptonite mood lamp, which was controlled via his ClapMaster until it was broken while being used to deactivate Nocuticles of Bjorn.

Most of Roger's quarters is used for storing the various items that he has collected over the years. On his dresser sits a diecast model of a StarCon Solar Scout, along with a Xenon Army Knife. Next to his bed lies a book, Diseases of the Janitalia. On his table sits a great many items, including his SQ4 Hintbook, ATM card, Dialect Translator, Labion Terror Beast Mating Whistle, Star Generator Remote Control, PocketPal Terminal, cigar stub, matchbook, his entire life savings (one buckazoid) and his Official Employment Rejection Letter from Sierra.

Game InvolvementEdit

During the Bjorn invasion, Roger visited his quarters in order to retrieve his ClapMaster; however, one of its pins got stuck in the outlet. According to some theories, Roger tried to pull the pin out with his hands and got electrocuted, however in reality he used a pair of StarCon Pliers wrapped in Duct Tape.

Later, after his shore leave on Polysorbate LX, Roger used his quarters to retrieve personal messages from his ComPost.


  • When describing the audio system, the words "8-track stero quality" will be distorted as if glitched. This was intented to give the impression that it was being played through an 8-track player with poor audio quality.
  • Roger does not have any remnants from Space Quest V. This is due to the poor outcome of that game.