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The evolution of the characters through the series is quite interesting, but Roger Wilco has the most and the most notable changes. He evolved from a nondescript block of graphics in Space Quest 1 to a well-defined non-aliased image in Space Quest 6.

Overview (normal garments)


Roger's Evolution.


  • SQ1: Rogersq1arcada Rogersq1kerona Rogersq1vgaarcada Rogersq1vgakerona
  • SQ2: Rogersq2xos4 Rogersq2normal
  • SQ3: Rogersq3normal Rogersq3janitor
  • Hoyle I: RogerHoyle1
  • SQ4: Rogersq4normal Rogersq4drag
  • Pinball: Rogerwilcopinball
  • SQ5: Rogersq5cadet Rogersq5captain
  • SQ6: Rogersq6normal Rogersq6evahelmet Rogersq6evawoh

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